Bank PO Success Story : Himanshu

We are providing here the interview experiences and success story of Shri Himanshu Kumar. In this post we are publishing his experiences of Allahabad Bank PO and UCO Bank PO and the questions asked in these interviews.

Total Interviews- Union Bank, SBI Associate, Syndicate Bank, Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, UCO Bank

Final Selection- State Bank of Mysore (SBI Associate)

Allahabad Bank Interview

Dated: 25.04.2012

1)    What is FEDAI?

2)    What are roles and importance of FEDAI?

3)    What is Pre-Shipment financing?

4)    What is Post-Shipment financing?

5)    What is Duty Drawback scheme?

6)    What is Base Rate?

7)    Can bank lend below base rate in any situation?

8)    Can bank lend below base rate to exporters in any situation?

9)    What would happen if USD value increases?

10) What would be effect on exporters if USD increases?

11) Till what percentage exporters allowed by Bank to take benefit of their export? (Not Answered)


UCO Bank Interview

Date- 27/April/2012

Venue- UCO Bank Zonal Office, New Delhi, CP

Slot- 8.30 am, Panel- 3


Panel was quiet cordial. There were 4 members in the panel and out of which 3 male and one female. My interview started there near about 12.30 pm despite of morning batch because of slow document process over there.

1)         Introduce yourself?

2)         Why there is a gap in study?

3)         What you studied during MBA?

4)         What is Balance of Payment?

5)         What is Current and Capital account convertibility?

6)         Which committee is related to capital account convertibility?

7)         What is the difference b/w NRI and NRO?

8)         What your parents do?

9)         What are the professions of your father’ son in laws?

10)      What if we give you rural sector branch?

11)      What is PEST analysis?

12)      What are the factors that affect McDonald in India while opening their chain here?

13)      What major changes McDonald did for its successful business in India?

14)      Which village you belong to?

15)      What is balance sheet?

16)      What is Debt to Service Coverage Ratio?    < I said sir i do not know, then they say ohhhhhh you not know this important ratio while studying Finance, then Central member of panel interrupted in between and said he has not done MBA in finance but in IB and Marketing ,,,, then he smiled and said …. okkkk then fine … >

17)      What is MSF?

18)      What is your score?

19)      Why you want to join banking? Means what is so lucrative in that, tell us briefly?

20)      Then said All the Best and smiled and said to leave…. I smiled and thanks and leave for the day……

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