Bank PO Success Stories : Final Selection in Indian Overseas Bank

As promised we are now starting publishing Success Stories of candidates who have got final selection as Bank PO or Bank Clerk. As exam season is starting we suggest you to go through these success stories carefully as they can change the way of your preparation. This success story is of Mr. Rahul Kumar who has got final selection in Indian Overseas Bank.
Question: Tell us something about yourself i.e. your name, background, qualifications, interests etc.?
Ans 1) I am Rahul Kumar. I belong to Gopalganj district of Bihar. I completed my graduation in Computer Science and Engg from KIIT University Bhubaneswar, Odisha in 2013. And my interests are varied: I like Cricket-both playing and watching. Net surfing is my favourite timepass 🙂 I like reading novels.
Question: Tell us the name of Banks and other government jobs in which you have got final selection?
Ans 2) Well i cleared IBPS PO in 1st attempt. I have been alloted Indian Oversseas Bank. Once i got 87 marks in written, i knew i had a very good chance of getting selected. Since i have just completed my graduation, i didn’t get the chance of appearing in many government job exams,.well… I remember back in 2007 when i was in class 12th, i had cleared NDA written exam 🙂 So, not much of govt. exams 🙂
Question: For How long you have been preparing and what you think about the standard of questions of IBPS Exams?

Ans 3) Well to be honest, i haven’t actually prepared much for the PO. But it would be unfair to the IBPS exam if i say i cleared the exam without any preparation. The level of exam was very good this year. I had a good reasoning, quantitative, and logical aptitude from before and anyone who has such qualities, just need to understand the pattern, type of questions, scoring and non-scoring areas, questions which should not be attempted and avoided etc. and practice some 20-30 sets. I did the same thing.

I just picked previous year paper/ pratice set and tried to solve them. It kind of gave me an idea what i need to improve on and which sections i had to focus.

Luckily my exam was in the fag end of the session, and as candidates who appeared before me were pointing out, the paper was tougher than the last year. So, i had the luxury of attempting lesser questions because i knew cut off gonna be low. I came up with a plan: maximise my score in reasoning and english, the two sections i had a good grip on.. And, the plan indeed worked out. I got 24 in reasoning and 22 in english.
Question: Tell us about the books, magazines, websites, pages and other study material which you would like to suggest to aspirants preparing for Bank and SSC Exams.

Ans 4) Well i would say before picking out any book or anything, just solve previous years papers first. Solve two-three papers. Don;t get bothered by your score. And then section by section, question by question, analyse yourself.  Gauge where you stand. There may be many who would end up getting very minimal score, you guys need to start from the beginning. There would be many, infact most of the serious aspirants who would be getting average marks, you guys should just focus on the parts where you think you got to improve. Don’t learn too much, be exam specific.There are many good books in the market, but don’t get confused. Pick any good one: I had GK Publications book.

And most importantly, don;t let emotions affect your performance. There would be questions that you won’t be able to answer, there will be questions that you will end up doing wrongly, everybody DOES THAT. The only thing you have to make sure is to not get BOTHERED by all these. This separates people who get success and people who don’t . For example, When you go to question no 2, your performance while attempting question no 2 should NOT BE AFFECTED by thoughts and emotions emanating as a response to your answer to question no1. What i mean to say is have a very clear mind, while attempting each and every question
.I emphasised on this because i think the competitive exams are not all about your knowledge and sharpness of mind, its also a psychological game where how you handle emotions, pressure etc. is also tested.
Question: What was the medium of your interview, is it make any difference and what tips you want to give to other students preparing for Bank Exams, for better preparation?
Ans 5) My medium of interview was English. Choose any medium-Hindi or English, but make sure that you are able to communicate in a good manner in that language. That is all that matters. Its a myth that having English as medium gives some edge. I don’t think so.
And tips to guys who are preparing for Bank PO: I would say first of all, evalute yourself where you stand in this race. Once you do this, you can then figure out how much you need to work and in which areas and in which manner to reach your goal. Accordingly, make some plans. And execute them.
Most importantly, have belief in yourself and God. If anyone thinks he can’t do this, i  bet he will never even if he has talent and ability to do this. More than talent, ability and knowledge, this is a mental game. I am not saying that talent, knowledge and ability don’t matter. Every good serious candidate will have these armours.  But to separate yourself from others,you got to play this game smartly and intelligently. Wish you all the best and good luck. Thank you.
Remark: Those who have got final selections in various banks can now submit there success story on our email id , sharing always bring success, so share your success story for the benefit of others. Send reply of these five questions (given above) along with a photograph of your and we will share it in our group, pages and websites.

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