How to Prepare for SBI PO English Section

SBI PO English Section – Preparation and Syllabus

Many of my students are worried about the English section of SBI PO. So let us discuss about How to Prepare for SBI PO English Section. Not much time has left for the exam hence please follow the tips provided here for pre as well as mains. This will not only help you for better preparation of SBI PO Preliminary Exam but also for the main exam of SBI PO as well as of SBI Clerk. The syllabus of English will remain almost similar both in the prelims and mains as well as of in SBI Clerk. However the level of questions in clerk exam will be easier.


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Latest Exam Pattern of SBI PO

First let us understand the syllabus of SBI PO Preliminary Exam and thereafter step by step we will learn about how to prepare for SBI PO English Section and study plan for the same.

SBI PO English Section Syllabus

Friends, let me tell you clearly that SBI does not provide any syllabus of English section officially. However based on the previous year questions we can easily work out syllabus for the SBI PO English Section. The English language section normally consist of questions on topics such as vocabulary, antonyms, synonyms, idioms and phrases, one word substitution, homonyms, spellings, cloze test, spotting errors, direct and indirect speech, active and passive, rearrangement, comprehension and  sentence correction.


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How to Prepare for the English Section

SBI PO English SectionAs I have told you many times that for the preparation of English section Reading good English Newspaper is very important. You should also study from 10th and 12th standard grammar books. Read English Newspaper daily, this helps you perform better in comprehensions and overall English section. All of you should make a habit of reading newspapers regularly. It has been observed that in recent years comprehension passages asked in various bank exams have been taken from editorial section of the leading English newspaper such as Economic Times,  The Hindu, The Indian Express, and The Times of India etc. You can also improve your English vocabulary by reading newspapers on a daily basis. This will also help you in spotting errors and questions related to grammar. So you can see there are so many benefits of reading English Newspaper. However this is a long term strategy and is suitable for your main exams. You should start doing this from today without wasting further time. In the short term you should solve as many practice sets and previous papers as you can. After solving them review every question and learn the questions which you could not answer correctly.

Some important tips and Study Plan

  • It is the first and foremost for the candidates to know about the Exam Pattern as well as syllabus well before start the preparation.
  • Strengthen your reading skills. English is all about being familiar with the language. The more you read it the more you will understand it.
  • If you have any difficulty with you grammar skills, you can overcome it by referring to 10th and 12th books. The rules of grammar can be easily understood in 10-15 days time provided you study meticulously.
  • Always search and look for new words. Refer to dictionary and learn that word. This will help you to improve your vocabulary.
  • Solve practice sets and previous questions papers as much as you can. After solving review all the questions and answers. Solve those questions again and again which you could not answer.
  • Do not waste your time. My suggestion is that you should study as much as you can and also take rest to remain fresh.
  • Prepare with an objective. I have seen many students who do study but without any objective. They are not sure whether they will do well or not. Remember, half hearted preparation is not going to help at all. Prepare with the objective that you have to get selection. Do your best and then if you do not get success, don’t feel bad. Sincere efforts never get wasted. Even if you do not get selection after making all your efforts, review again on what was lacking. Prepare again very hard for next exam. Keep on working with this approach again and again and you will surely get success.
  • In the last I would like to repeat the suggestion which I have given in the last post that always study on a table and chair. Do not study while sitting on a bed or lying on a bed. This will help you in better preparation.

So I wish you all the best for the preparation of SBI PO English section. Do post your comment if you have any doubt.

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