SBI PO Job Profile

In this post we are going to explain you about the SBI PO job profile or the roles and responsibilities of a State Bank Probationary Officer.

The job profile of SBI PO is little bit different from Bank PO of other banks; the reason is that SBI is a very vast bank and having various types of outfits and dimensions of banking.

I have worked as a Probationary Officer in a other Public Sector Banks as well as in SBI. Having worked in both types of the banks, I have realized that the job profile and role of SBI PO are much different and vast.

SBI PO Job Profile involves General Banking, Administrative Task, and any other task bestowed by the bank time to time.

sbi po job profile

sbi po job profile

A SBI PO goes rigorous training to understand nitty-gritty of banking, there is much more focus on training in SBI as compared to other banks. SBI is having training centers spread all over the country. SBI POs are trained for accounting, marketing, investment, billing, finance, human resources, forex, agriculture banking, general banking, etc.

In SBI there is a lot of focus on marketing & cross selling also hence the Probationary Officer is also exposed to such areas of banking. During probation period there are frequent trainings and transfers.

After completion of Probation period Bank P.O. has given post of Assistant Manager there is also a provision of a confirmation test and promotion immediately after two years.

Broadly the job of SBI PO is similar to job of PO of any other bank but the purpose of writing this post is to inform you the difference between SBI PO and PO of other banks. SBI PO is exposed to much wider area of banking as compare to other banks.

SBI PO Job Profile

The basic difference is that a SBI PO is exposed to bigger roles and responsibilities as in SBI there is a huge scope of leaning in every aspect of banking. So if you are looking for challanges and looking to become a better banker you must aim for SBI. In SBI challanges are more and at the same time opportunities for rising are also more. Better performers are always rewarded in SBI.

If you have any specific questions related to SBI PO Job Profile you may post the same in comment section and I will respond to that.

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