RBI Assistant Salary Perks – Pay Scale – Gross Salary – CTC & Package

Today I am going to tell you about the Latest RBI Assistant Salary Perks. RBI Assistant is one of the most sought after jobs.

Reserve Bank of India conducts recruitment for the posts of RBI Assistant almost every year. Most of the students are not aware about the salary and perks of the RBI Assistant. Therefore for benefit of all my students I am going to explain about RBI Assistant Salary in details.

Before telling you about the salary let us understand about RBI also.

About Reserve Bank of India:

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the Central bank of the country. RBI controls the monetary policy of the country. RBI has begun its operations from 01.04.1935 in accordance with the provisions of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934. The RBI was nationalized on 1 January 1949. The headquarters of Reserve Bank of India is in Mumbai. The current Governor of RBI is Mr Urjit Patel.

RBI Assistant Salary Perks – Pay Scale:

Rs. 13150 – 750 (3) – 15400 – 900(4) – 19000 – 1200(6) – 26200 – 1300 (2) -28800 – 1480(3) – 33240 – 1750 (1) – 34990 (20 years).

The starting basic salary of a RBI Assistant is Rs. 13150 + 2 increments for graduates i.e. Rs. 14650.

RBI Assistant Salary Perks

Pay Scale refers to the basic pay representing to a particular grade with annual increment of pay. If you have a close look at the pay scale of RBI Assistant you will understand about it. It means that the starting basic salary is Rs. 13750, thereafter there will be 3 increments of 750 every year. The increment amount will increase to Rs 900 (4 increments) and Rs 1200 (6 increments) and so on and the final basic of this scale after 20 years will be Rs 34990. The scale represents the basic pay only and Dearness allowance, HRA, CCA etc will be taken as percentage of the basic fixed.

RBI Assistant Salary Perks – Allowances:

Apart from the basic salary there are various other allowances. Some of them are linked to as a percentage of basic salary. There are allowances such as Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance, City Compensatory allowance, transport allowance etc as admissible from time to time. RBI also provides accommodation to its employees but that is subject to availability. If the same is not available HRA as per norms will be paid.

RBI also allows reimbursement of expenses such as maintenance of vehicle, petrol, newspaper, briefcase, cleansing material, books etc as per the eligibility norms.

There are medical facilities or provision of reimbursement of medical bills to the employee. A RBI Assistant also gets loans for various purposes such as housing, car, education, personal, festival etc. at a very concessional rate.

There are facilities such as provident fund, gratuity and pension for RBI Employees.

RBI Assistant Salary Perks – Gross Salary – CTC:

The gross salary of RBI Assistant is about Rs. 32000. Apart from the gross salary the value of perks will be about Rs 8000. The value of perks varies as per the place of postings. Therefore we are taking approximate figures. The purpose of this post is to give you a good idea about RBI Assistant Salary.

You can see that the total gross emoluments of RBI Assistant will be about Rs. 40000. The Annual package of RBI Assistant is about Rs 4.80 lacs. However on CTC basis it will be much higher because there are so many benefits which are difficult to calculate in monetary terms.

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