Which One is Better SSC or Bank PO – An Analysis

Introduction: Today’s topic is an interesting one. I am going to discuss which one is better SSC or Bank PO. Actually both these jobs are very attractive and most sought after jobs. I will explain you difference between these two jobs. The purpose will be to make you aware about the differences of the two jobs so that you can arrive at the conclusion which one is better SSC or Bank PO.

Most of the students prepare for both these exams simultaneously and quite often they are in a situation that they have to decide that which of the two they should join.

I too have got selections through SSC for the posts of Section Officer and thereafter of Excise Inspector. However later on I left both these jobs and finally joined as a Bank PO.

Which One is Better SSC or Bank PO

I will talk on following points and will compare these two jobs on these points:-

Nature of Job

Job security


Work Pressure


Promotions and Career Growth

Pay Scale and Salary

Nature of Job: Through SSC CGL you are going to get a Central Government job. Whereas Bank PO job is in public sector banks. SSC conducts CGL exam for various government sector vacancies such as Central Secretariat Service, CAG, Exercise Inspector, Statistical Investigator, Central Vigilance Commission, various ministries, Intelligence Bureau, Ministry of Railways/ Defence / External Affairs, CBI etc.

ssc vs bank po

Job security: Job security is almost the same but in banks since financial transactions are involved therefore there are chances of frauds as well as mistakes. In such scenario there are enquiries and investigations. In Central government jobs such chances are not there. So the job security is slightly more in jobs through SSC.

Timings: In Central Government jobs normally there are strict timings of office and it is basically 9 to 5 job. However with increasing pressure in banks there are late sittings in the banks. Particularly for officers there are no timings. Officers are expected to work all the time. So there are no fix timings for banks in today’s scenario. Although bank’s unions are working hard to implement regulated working hours but still the actual scenario is different. Further in Central Government jobs there are provision of 5 days week. In banks every 2nd and 4th Saturday there is holiday.

Which One is Better SSC or Bank PO

Work Pressure: Work pressure is very high in banks as you are dealing directly with the customer. However in Central Government jobs work pressure is not that much except a few departments where there is direct involvement with the customer. Bank jobs now-a-days have become a high pressure jobs. Bank jobs have become very demanding due to severe competition among various banks. There are targets and monitoring is being done by the management on a regular basis.

which one is better SSC or Bank PO

Transfers: In banks transfers are frequent for officers. Every 2-3 years there is a transfer. In clerical jobs in banks there are very less transfers. Transfers are also there in Central Government jobs but to a lesser extent.

Promotions and Career Growth: In banks you can expect faster promotions and career growth. Every 3-4 years there are possibilities of promotions and career growth. You can also get foreign postings in banks. In Central Government jobs promotions are quite slow and career growth is less as compare to banks. Chances of foreign postings are negligible in Central Government jobs.

Pay Scale and Salary: In banks there are various facilities and perks which are very attractive such as lease rent facility, foreign LFC, unlimited medical facilities (SBI), contributory PF (SBI), attractive perks and better entitlements. In banks a Scale II officer is eligible to travel by air. In Central Government such benefits are less. Salary is almost at par in both banks and Central Government jobs (for corresponding grades).

Which One is Better SSC or Bank PO

Conclusion: I will not say which one is a better job. I have told you some of the basic differences. Based on the pro and cons of both the jobs you can arrive at a conclusion. Before choosing a career you should also discuss with your seniors and elders who are already doing such jobs. They will give you further guidance which way you should go.

However your primary aim should be to first get a job. Therefore you should prepare for both these exams with a single target to get a job first. Once you get a job either through SSC or through IBPS thereafter you will be more secure. After getting a job you can become choosy and can prepare for the job of your choice. The purpose of this article is to give you an insight which one is better SSC or Bank PO. This will help you to understand the nature of both the jobs. For any query you can post the comment.

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