IBPS Clerk Preparation Plan – How to Prepare

In this post I am going to tell you about IBPS Clerk Preparation Plan for the last few days.

While I am writing this article, there are still about 14-15 days to go for the first IBPS Online Pre Examination which will take place on 05.12.2015.

Many students feels that since not much time has left hence now not much can be done. But this approach is very wrong and I am sure that most of you will not have this kind of approach.

You will be surprised to know that students who have not started preparation for IBPS Clerk can still clear this exam by following right IBPS Clerk Preparation Plan.

You must know that in competitive exams two things are very important first is good preparation and second is positive approach. Therefore you should prepare well with a very positive approach. Even if your preparation is not very good you can still clear this exam if you have positive approach and are ready to work hard in the last few days.

I have qualified more than 10-12 Bank PO exams and many other government exams and based on my experience I can say that I have started qualifying these exams only after I had belief in myself that yes I can qualify it.

So have faith in yourself and understand that question paper will remain same for all students. Those who have good preparation and the right approach will only or will mostly qualify, as there may be a few exceptions as well.

So guys and gals, if you are really serious I would suggest you to put your hardsest effort in the last few days by following a very strict IBPS Clerk Preparation Plan. You have to study as much as you can. Leave your TV, movies, games, hobbies etc. for a few days and focus entirley on the IBPS Clerk Exam.

Off course, you should spare 1-2 hours of the day to refresh your self by going outside and by engaging in any relaxing activity but otherwise focus only on studies and learn methods to solve questions quickly.

One thing which I would like to share is that If you are confident you will find that you will be able to solve your questions quickly and on the other hand if you are nervous then even if you have a good preparation you will still take more time to solve questions.

IBPS Clerk Preparation Plan.

ibps clerk preparation plan

ibps clerk preparation plan

I would suggest you to devote at least 3 hours each to learn concept of each topic and section viz. English, QA and Reasoning sections of IBPS Clerk and 2 hours each for solving the practice questions. SO in this way you can study 3 x 3 = 9 and 2 x 3 = 6 , total 15 hours each day. It may seem a bit tough but I would suggest you not to take any chance in competitive exams. Off course do not study this much just before the exam day as you need to be fresh while attempting this very popular exam of the country.

So in the end as far as my IBPS Clerk Preparation Plan is concerned I will tell you to study as much as you can and  to remain very positive and confident during the exam. Even if the question paper is tough, remain cool and you will be able to grasp the questions quickly.

Sectional cut offs are quite important so pay attention to all sections. Solve easy questions first and later switch back to difficult questions. Focus well on question paper and do not waste even a single minute of yours.

Pattern of the IBPS Clerk has changed so you must be well aware about the pattern.

If you want to ask any specific question about the IBPS Clerk Prepartion, we will surely answer your query. Good luck and best wishes.

Study Material for IBPS Clerk Exam.


  1. Can I know the changed pattern of ibps clerk prelims

  2. CHANKI KUMAR says:

    plz provide ibps pre set practise

  3. Dear Sir, please suggests me the books name for ibps preliminary exam. thank you.

  4. aman singh says:

    how much question should i attempt to safe in ibps pre ,if I belongs to obc..

  5. Raudram Raj says:

    Somebody said that Simplification problems wont come in clerk prelims…is it correct?

    • Administrator says:

      you can not predict that it will not come, it may come as it is part of syllabus

      • could u plz suggest any approach for getting some good grip on each section? like what books to use, what resources to use and how to spend those 3 hrs per section? I have only a few model papers of all cadres.

  6. Sir acording to d level of bank po & clerk
    is coaching necesary.
    and for clerk , is there any typing speed exam after craking objective exam

  7. could u plz suggest any approach for getting some good grip on each section?

  8. Plz tell me the age limit

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