IBPS CWE Exam: Here our experts have answered some common questions about IBPS CWE Exam. As these exams are now being conducted quite frequently by IBPS now hence for new aspirants and for those who are having doubts we are providing solution for some common questions about IBPS CWE Exam:

Q. What is IBPS?

A. IBPS is Institute of Banking Personnel Selection which is now conducting recruitment for banks in India, through various common exams such as CWE for PO, CWE for Clerks, CWE for Specialist Officers etc.

Q. What is Common Written Examination (CWE)?

A. Common Written Examination (CWE) is a combined written exam conducted by the IBPS for recruiting staff to 19 public Sector banks & RRBs. It is conducted twice a year. A candidate having declared successful in IBPS CWE can directly apply for Personal Interview in the listed Banks.

Q. How can we change our Answer? 

A. Erase completely the already darkened oval with a good quality eraser and then blacken the new oval bearing the revised answer number.

While changing the answer, erasing the earlier answer completely is extremely essential.  If it is not erased completely and smudges remain on the erased oval then the question will be read as having two answers and will be ignored for giving any credit.

Q. What is the right method to tackle such exams so that maximum questions are answered?

A. The right method is that one should be extremely focused during the exam. We should not waste even slightest of time. Once the Test begins, do not waste your time in reading the entire paper rather you should start in a planned manner. You should have already decided in which order you are going to solve the paper. Since these questions are of objective type, read a particular question and immediately mark your answer on the answer sheet. In case you find a particular question difficult, skip the question and go on to the next question. The question so skipped may be solved at the end, if time is available.

Q. If a candidate acquires standard total weighted score but fails to qualify in one test; will he/she be issued a score card?

A. Candidates are required to qualify in each test as per cut-off marks determined on the basis of performance in each test. A Candidate failing to obtain the minimum in any one/each test will not be sent a score card.

Q. Will there be negative marking?

A. For every wrong answer, there will be penalty of one-fourth or 0.25 of the marks assigned to that question. You can check the details about Negative Marking by clicking here