GA Questions Asked in IBPS RRB Exam 22.09.2013

We are getting more and more feedback’s in our Bank Exams Preparation Group about the IBPS RRB Exam. Here we are providing you General Awareness Questions asked in 22.09.2013 exam, shared by Ms. Ashna Sachi. Hope you will find it very useful:

1 ) Treasury bills, Certificate of deposits, commercial papers traded in which market – Money market
2) About CSR corporate social responsibility

3) GAAR is applicable from – 1st april 2016
4) INDIA is going to trade in South east asian countries it is called – ASEAN
6) Sarajevo is the capital of BOSNIA
7) HDI Index of Rank of India – 136
8 ) Nishi Vasudeva is the chairman of – HPCL
9) Who purchased the business of Royal bank of Scotland
10) Some thing about Insurance Broking permission as per the notification given by IRDA
11) PPF Max amount in a financial Year – 100000
12) E-Choupal is from Which Organization – ITC
13) Foreign trade policy annoued by – Ministry of commerce, Industry 4
14) UNCTAD HQ- Geneva
15) Swadhaar scheme for – A Scheme for Women in Difficult Circumstances
16) Highest award in Sport (India) – Rajiv Khel Ratna
17) FCNR Account – Opend by NRI and IPO’s
18) About Asset Reconstruction Companies
19) Present Reverse Repo Rate – 6.5% ( Answer is not given previous is 6.25%)
20) Father of Nuclear Programme – Homi J BABA
21) ESCAP HQ – Bangkok
22) Best Feature film in 60th IIFA Awards – Pan singh Thomar
23) Committee on Below Poverty line – Tendulkar Committee
24) Anoop Sridhar is a Famous for- BADMINTON
25) Sea of Pappies is Written by- AMITAV GHOSH
26) Question on KYC Norms
27) NPA’s limited to by the end of 2013-14 fiscal Year is
28) FEMA enacted in the year – 2000 10
29) ED is levied on
30) EFT means Electronic Funds Transfer
31) Banks didn’t allow loans Beyond – BASE RATE
32) Baht is the currency of THAILAND
33) Question on WPI
34) For participating in president election minimum age is 35 Years
35) Not a retail Banking Product
36) Lender of last resort – RBI
37) Fiscal Deficit in 2012-13 is 4.89%
38) SEBI Chairman – U K SINHA
39) PMAEC chairman – Rangarajan
40) Telecom regulator – TRAI

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  1. Please tell me the questions and answers of rrb po 22.09.2013 2nd sitting.

  2. thnks how can i share it or dopy it

  3. thanks……., nd tell me how can i share it or cpoy it plsss????? so i can do revision

  4. Where is 22 aftn

  5. Q30 it is not EFT , question was ETF – EXCNGE TRADED FUND

  6. Q33 the question was as below:
    On which index govt of india measure the inflanation and the two options out of four was wholesale price index and retailsale price index

  7. i want answer for above question

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