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English Synonym QuestionsToday I am going to tell you about preparation of English Synonym Questions for Bank Exams and other Competitive Exams. Friends, important exams such as IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, Railway Exams and various SSC Exams are on card. Therefore it is the right time to intensify your preparation.

Questions on English Synonyms are very common and are asked in almost all competitive exams. Go through the post to understand how to prepare for English Synonym Questions for competitive exams. If you are aware of this topic I will still request you to go through it for better understanding. Those who are not familiar with the topic should read this topic again and again. This will give you a lot of clarity on this topic.

What are Synonyms? Synonyms are words with nearly the same meaning but used differently. For Example, Abstain and Refrain are two words that seem very nearly the same. But we abstain from a thing and refrain from a habit or an action.

Now I will give you example of a few different types of questions. These examples will help you to understand how to handle these types of questions.

Example 1 

We should abstain from wine.

We should refrain from drinking.

A synonym is a word or phrase that means nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. Examples of synonyms are the words begin, start, commence, and initiate.

Let us understand it more by the following examples:-

Example 2 

Choose the word nearest in meaning to the given word.


  1. strong
  2. grave
  3. weak
  4. showy

Here in the above example the answer is (3) weak. Both fragile and weak are synonyms here as both have same meaning.

Example 3

Choose the word nearest in meaning to the given word.


  1. fair
  2. popular
  3. alluring
  4. private

Here in the above example the answer is (4) private. Here Esoteric is not exactly similar in meaning to private but it is nearest in meaning.

So you can see that the synonyms can be almost same or can also be near to the meaning.

Now let us look at other type of English Synonyms questions which are asked in competitive exam.

Example 4

He is believed to be a very industrious worker.

  1. successful
  2. sensible
  3. punctual
  4. diligent

Here in the above example you have to find out the synonyms of word used in the sentence. Here the answer is (4) diligent. The diligent is similar to the word industrious. In this kind of question you should answer by understanding essence of the whole sentence.

Double meaning synonyms: These are the words which may be used to express the meanings of two or more words used in different sentences.

Example 5

Choose from the given words below the two sentences I and II, that word which can substitute the italicized words in both the sentences.

I. The inspector has issued strict orders to arrest the anti-social elements responsible for recent cases of burglary and chain snatching in the area.

II. I fear you won’t be able to rise to the occasion at this critical hour.

  1. check
  2. presume
  3. suspect
  4. apprehend
  5. round up

Solution: You can see that ‘apprehend’ may be used to express both the meanings – ‘to arrest’ and ‘to think with fear’. Therefore the correct answer is (4).

How to prepare for English Synonym Questions: The best way to prepare for these types of questions is to practice. You should always look for new words and to build up your vocabulary. You can increase your word power by going through English Newspaper on a daily basis. Note down the difficult words and look for the meaning in dictionary or Google it.

Note down the words and their meaning in a diary or in a register on a daily basis. Within 3-4 months your word power will increase tremendously. Such practice will not only help you in preparation of synonyms but also various other types of questions as well.

I have always studied like that only and English section was never a problem for me. Even though, I was a Hindi medium student.

100 Practice Questions on English Synonyms

English Synonym Questions

Now I am giving you a few practice questions which will help you to prepare for English Synonym Questions.

English Synonyms Quiz

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