Computer Awareness for IBPS Exam

Computer Awareness questions are very popular in Bank PO & Bank Clerk Exams. Now a days in IBPS Common Exam there is special emphasis on Computer Awareness questions. Aspirants can score high marks in this section with a little bit of preparation. In this post we are providing previous year questions on Computer Awareness asked in various bank PO & Clerk exams:

Q-1) What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?

(a) RAM                                             (b) ROM

(c) CPU                                             (d) CD-ROM

(e) None of these.


Q-2) Various applications and documents are represented on the Windows desktop by

(a) Symbols                                        (b) Labels

(c) Graphs                                          (d) Icons

(e) None of these.


Q-3) All the deleted files go to

(a) Recycle Bin                                  (b) Task Bar

(c) Tool Bar                                       (d) My computer

(e) None of these.


Q-4) In MICR, C stands for

(a) Code                                            (b) Color

(c) Computer                                     (d) Character

(e) None of these.


Q-5) E-mail addresses separate the user name form the ISP using the ———-     symbol.

(a) &                                                    (b) @

(c) %                                                   (d)  :

(e) None of these.


Q-6) The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple    processors is

(a) multiprogramming                           (b) multitasking

(c) time-sharing                           (d) multiprocessing

(e) None of these.


Q-7) What type of device is a computer printer?

(a) Input                                               (b) Output

(c) Software                                         (d) Storage

(e) None of these.


Q-8) The contents of …….. are lost when the computer turns off.

(a) Storage                                           (b) input

(c) output                                             (d) memory

(e) None of these.


Q-9) When you turn on the computer, the boot routine will perform the test

(a) RAM test                                         (b) disk drive test

(c) memory test                                    (d) power-on self

(e) None of these.


Q-10) A Compact Disk (CD) is a data storage of the type

(a) Magnetic                                         (b) Optical

(c) Electrical                                (d) Electromechanical

(e) None of these.



1.(a)                            2.(d)                      3.(a)

4.(d)                           5.(b)                      6.(d)

7.(b)                           8.(a)                      9.(e)



  1. odissa

  2. Ans of quetn 1,8,9,10th are wrong

  3. 9th one alone is wrong. Answer is power on self test.

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