Computer Awareness for IBPS Exam

Computer Awareness questions are very popular in Bank PO & Bank Clerk Exams. Now a days in IBPS Common Exam there is special emphasis on Computer Awareness questions. Aspirants can score high marks in this section with a little bit of preparation. In this post we are providing previous year questions on Computer Awareness asked in various bank PO & Clerk exams:

Q-1) What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?

(a) RAM                                             (b) ROM

(c) CPU                                             (d) CD-ROM

(e) None of these.


Q-2) Various applications and documents are represented on the Windows desktop by

(a) Symbols                                        (b) Labels

(c) Graphs                                          (d) Icons

(e) None of these.


Q-3) All the deleted files go to

(a) Recycle Bin                                  (b) Task Bar

(c) Tool Bar                                       (d) My computer

(e) None of these.


Q-4) In MICR, C stands for

(a) Code                                            (b) Color

(c) Computer                                     (d) Character

(e) None of these.


Q-5) E-mail addresses separate the user name form the ISP using the ———-     symbol.

(a) &                                                    (b) @

(c) %                                                   (d)  :

(e) None of these.


Q-6) The simultaneous processing of two or more programs by multiple    processors is

(a) multiprogramming                           (b) multitasking

(c) time-sharing                           (d) multiprocessing

(e) None of these.


Q-7) What type of device is a computer printer?

(a) Input                                               (b) Output

(c) Software                                         (d) Storage

(e) None of these.


Q-8) The contents of …….. are lost when the computer turns off.

(a) Storage                                           (b) input

(c) output                                             (d) memory

(e) None of these.


Q-9) When you turn on the computer, the boot routine will perform the test

(a) RAM test                                         (b) disk drive test

(c) memory test                                    (d) power-on self

(e) None of these.


Q-10) A Compact Disk (CD) is a data storage of the type

(a) Magnetic                                         (b) Optical

(c) Electrical                                (d) Electromechanical

(e) None of these.



1.(a)                            2.(d)                      3.(a)

4.(d)                           5.(b)                      6.(d)

7.(b)                           8.(a)                      9.(e)



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