Marketing Questions for Bank Exams : Quiz 3

Marketing questions are also frequently asked in Bank Exams now a days due to increased focus of Banks on Marketing. Questions on Marketing are also asked in SBI PO Bank Exams and IBPS Specialist Officer Bank Exams. We are providing you lots of questions on all the sections of Bank Exams. Attempt … [Read more...]

Marketing Questions for Bank PO – 2

Marketing Aptitude Questions have acquired lot of importance now a days as many banks are asking these type of questions. For all of you here is another set of marketing questions from previous years Bank PO Exams: 1. In Sales, Conversion means (1) Design new product (2) Convert buyer into … [Read more...]

SBI Marketing Questions – 1

Marketing aptitude questions are very important now a days as many banks are asking these types of questions in their Bank PO and Bank Clerk exam. Attempt our regular practice sets on marketing as well as on other section. 1. Direct Marketing means (1) Advertisements (2) Banners (3) … [Read more...]