Bank Wage Revision Latest Updates : Salary Revision of Bank Employees

Current Status of Bank Salary Wage Revision (latest News, Settlement News, Negotiations, Salary Hike): The salary revision of Bank Employees is due from 01.11.2012, however till now there has not been any significant sign or development and it is still not clear when the much awaited wage revision will take place.

Development Till Date

Efforts Made by Bank,s Unions Till Date:The Bank Unions are in discussions with the IBA and have also conducted a one day strike in December 2013 and later for two days which had forced the banking industry to shut down for a day. The unions are planning a few more strikes in the next few months.

What the IBA has Offered? IBA, which represents the managements of nationalised, private and foreign banks in the country has so far offered only 10% increase in monthly salary, but the unions have declined the same saying it was too low to even start the negotiation process. C H Venkatachalam, General Secretary of the All-India Bank Employees Association and former convenor of UFBU, said the IBA’s stand was totally disappointing and was forcing the unions to go on further strikes.

Latest Update till date:

+ On it meeting on 27.01.2014 the IBA has revised the offer to 10.00% from earlier of 9.50%, however UBFU has declined it and talks have failed.

+ Another meeting took place on 03.03.2014 between IBA & UFBU but nothing has come out from this meeting, next meeting will take place on 14.03.2014.

+ In meeting dated 14.03.2014 only issues related to staff welfare, 5 day week etc were discussed. Regarding salary hike IBA has refused to increase on the offer given by them earlier.

+ The IBA has now invited UFBU for further talk on the issue of wage revision on 13.06.2014. The Unions are now hopeful for better offer from IBA after the formation of new government in the country.

What happened in the earlier wage revisions? In the last wage revision which was due on 01.11.2007 it took almost two and half years to got finalised as the last wage revision of 2007 was finalised on 27.04.2010 with an increase of 17.50% in salaries. In the wage revision of 2002 the salaries were increases by 13.25%.

What are the prospects in this wage revision? It is difficult to predict, however going by the weak negotiations by the Bank Unions with IBA, till now, it seems that this is going to be another poor wage revision for Bank Employees. The IBA has so far offered only 10%, unions are also not strong enough to demand a good wage revision, it seems that this wage revision will end with a maximum of 10-15% salary increase and the salaries of Bank Employees will further deteriorate vis a vis Central Government Employees.


  1. kulwant saurabh says:

    bank ki job se resign hi karna padega lagta h…

  2. what will be the salary of Bank Clerk after the revision? what is the present salary of bank-clerk?

  3. Govt. Never thing for bank emp.we must
    strict for govt. Atitute .also media he never support dor bank.

  4. V.Chakrapani says:

    From the recent wage negotiations between IBA & UFBU, no breakthrough seems to have been achieved in respect of the pending wage revision due from 01.11.2012. All of us agree without an iota of doubt that the successive wage revisions have eroded both external and internal relativity of salary structure of bank staff vis-a-via Central Government, PSUs,Various State Govts and other comparable organisations in the financial sector. When we comprehend the reasons for this sorry state of affairs, we have to sum up that it was weak negotiations and lack of conviction in putting forth our view point across the negotiating table. We have able leadership capable of dealing with the situations. But unfortunately we lost the track somewhere. Indeed that resulted in this present predicament. Otherwise how the IBA has the audacity to offer only 5 percent rise in the opening rounds of negotiations. The present expected rise in the wages do not seem to have taken care of the element of professional hazards , accountability, unduly late working hours.,etc. I would like to mention one example as to the erosion, when I joined a PSB in the year 1977 as officer the salary was almost equal with that of a Class 1 Officer in the Central Govt.(entry level). In the light of this back backdrop, Now I appeal to the UFBU Leadership to focus the wage rise only and enter into the final MOU with reectable increase

  5. V.Chakrapani says:

    Settle for final MOU keeping in view the salary relativity with Central Govt. Employees and other PSUs lest we will be nowhere. Also kindly ensure that the risk element , accountability aspect and unusually extra working hours are reasonably compensated.

  6. m.raja dora says:

    odisha government 4th class employe they gate starting salary 18000
    with out any risk no time bound
    but same salary gate bank clerk subject to with high risk time 10 to 6pm

  7. S N Sarma says:

    When I joined in the bank in 1977, the bank officers salary was around Rs1200 ( gross ). A lecturer salary under UGC scale was around Rs800. Now a lecturer with 34 years of service is drawing more than Rs.115000 where as even a GM in any public sector bank does not draw this salary. In 1977 even central govt.employees salaries were far below the bank employees/officers salary. 30 years back when I was traveling with my family in AC II tier, an officer from Railways enquires me about my salary. Then I told my Basic Salary was Rs.1650. Surprisingly he asked whether it was basic salary or gross. Then I told it was basic and gross was around Rs.2200. Then his reply was that his gross was not even Rs1600 , though he is also an officer. In those days it was a pride when I was introducing myself as a Bank Officer in a nationalized bank. Bank jobs were white collar in those days. Now a bank job is a very low paid. High risk, accountability and undefined working hours in this job is not properly taken care of in the salary. In those days union leaders were striving hard for the welfare of the employees. Now the leaders are not working for the employees interest. With some selfish Moros they are urrendering the entire 10 lake hard work force. It is shame on the part of the leaders representing this work force. IBA should also realize that the salaries in banks are very low when compared to any other govt. sector and try to represent to govt for suitably rewarding for the high risk and responsibility, pressure and late hours the staff working daily beyond the working hours. Further in the banking industry, there was no recruitment for about 20 years. Existing senior staff were retiring and there was no substitute in their place. Increasing business with reducing staff ,mounted lot of pressure on the remaining work force. Computerization reduced physical work to some extent but not mental strain. There is a lot to write. But I conclude with this.

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