Important Facts and Figures about SBI

In this post we are going to tell you about important features of SBI which is the largest bank of our country. Since SBI Exams are likely to be announced and Interviews as well as internal promotional exams of SBI are going on. Hence this article may help all of you.

  • By global standards (it is ranked 60th in the world with a balance sheet of nearly $277 billion).
  • It is the equivalent of the next three largest domestic banks — ICICI Bank, Punjab National Bank and Bank of Baroda — rolled into one and accounts for one-fifth of India’s banking business.
  • The business of SBI has been doubling in size every five years. In almost every business it is in, SBI is by far the biggest player.
  • It is the largest mortgage lender (home loans), bigger than HDFC.
  • It’s the largest car financier (individuals) and the largest credit card issuer.
  • It has nearly 175 million savings accounts (it opened nearly 29 million in FY13). About 2,000 transactions a second taking place across its network of close to 14,500 branches. That’s nearly 15 billion transactions a year.
  • If trends are an indication, SBI’s balance sheet will double again in five years.

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