Bank PO Career – Growth, Progression, Promotions and Prospects

In this post I am going to tell you about Bank PO career opportunities. Despite availability of many other career options, Bank PO is still considered as one of the most attractive career option.

Many of my students often ask about the career growth of a Bank PO. There are a lot of opportunities which are available for a Bank PO. A Bank PO can reach to great heights in his or her career.

You may not be aware but let me tell you that all the chairman of the different Public Sector Banks as well as of State Bank of India and its associate banks (erstwhile) have started their career as a Probationary Officer only.

Bank PO career path is still one of the fastest if you compare it with other government jobs. Apart from the very fast promotion channels, there are rewards, recognition and attractive postings for performers.

bank po career

bank po career

Anybody who join bank as a Probationary Officer normally gets very fast promotion. There are normally two types of entry level jobs in the banks, which are clerk and officer.

There are normally three types of Officers in the bank, those who got promotion from clerical cadre, Specialist Cadre Officers and those who joined as Probationary Officers.

While the promotion channel for Specialist Cadre Officer is quite slow in all banks as there are less opportunity for these officers. For those who get promotion in Officer Cadre from clerical cadre, although promotion policy remains the same but the fact of the matter is that normally these officer do not rise after a certain point.

However for Probationary Officers there is no limit in the banks as far as career progression is concerned. As I have told you all the Chairman of all the Public Sector Banks have joined only as Probationary Officers.

So it is obvious that after joining as a Probationary Officer it is very much possible for anyone to reach the maximum possible height i.e. Chairman of the Bank.

To explain you further I must also tell you that in all the Public Sector Banks if you look in to the entire team of top management, you will find that more than 90% or may be even more are Probationary Officers only.

Therefore you must understand the value of the post of a Probationary Officer for any Bank. This also true that now a days bank jobs have become quite challanging and Probationary Officer are the Officers who are mostly handelling challanging assignments and postings.

Bank PO Career

If you are looking for career as a Bank PO you must do your best preparation for Bank PO Exam. At the same time you must have a very positive attitude and should be ready to take challanges.

Bank PO job is still one of the most lucrative and rewarding jobs of the industry. Those who have right attitude and those who can take challanges will surely rise to greater heights.

A Bank PO is an entry level job. It means that a Bank PO is in Junior Management at the time of joining. However one can reach in middle management in 2-3 years time and in senior managment only after 7-8 years of job. Such is the fast track career of a Bank Probationary Officers.

Apart from the fast track promotions a Bank Probationary Officer also have opportunities for working in foreign assignments.

I hope that after going through this article now you must have a good idea about Bank PO Career and jobs. Still you can ask me any question about Bank PO by posting your comments below. It will be my pleasure to respond to your queries.

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