Bank PO Interview Experience – 3

In our series of interview experiences of Bank PO we are now providing you experiences of Mr. Vikas who appeared in the Syndicate Bank PO interview. Sharing of experiences of interview will always help others to understand the types and nature of questions. Though Vikas has given very brief information but we are sure that you will find some of the questions very important and you can prepare accordingly for your Bank PO Interviews. You can chat with Vikas on our Bank Exams Preparation Group to discuss more on this interview.

This is Vikas my score is 142 and I belong to SC-OC category. I had interview in Syndicate Bank on 16 march .there were two member in panel one madam and a sir,

First question- Tell me about yourself?

Me-answered (2min)

2-where is the NABARD main Office?

Me-answered (Mumbai)

3- Chairman of NABARD?


4-Would you like to join any where inIndia?

Me- yes (explained in detail)

5-What is RTI ACT?

Me- answered

7- OK, you are a B.Tech computer science graduate passed out 2009 what were you doing till now?

Me- explained……they satisfied.

***ok u can go now **

They offered me toffee too I took one and said thanks, environment was cordial both were of jolly nature

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  1. sir my ibps po marks is 138 in sc category…but i hadnt get a single intrvw call;and my ibps clerical marks are 150 but by mistake it is showing obc category,which should be sc….what to do next.kindly suggest

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