Bank PO English Books

English is one of the important sections of Bank PO Exam. You can score not only high marks in this section but you can also finish this section quickly, which will save yours time and you can devote it towards other time consuming sections. For better preparation of this section you need to prepare from good books. In this post I am going to tell you about some of the best available books in the market, which you can refer for your Bank PO preparation.

  • English is Easy, by: Chetananand Singh, Price: Rs. 250/- (BSC Publication)
  • Objective English, By: Singh & Tripathi, Price: Rs. 170/-  (BSC Publication)
  • Essential English for Competitions, By: A P BHARDWAJ, Price: Rs 340 (S ChandPublication)
  • 140+ Solved Papers Bank POGeneral English, By: Ajay Singh, Price: Rs. 325
    Price: Rs 250

High School English Grammar & Composition by Wren and Martin is one of the foremost and popular books on English Grammar to be published inIndia. The book still finds a mention as one of the most popular books in the history of English Grammar.

These are some of the best available books for English Section of Bank Exam. You can also improve your written as well as verbal English by regularly watching English News, by reading English Newspapers, Magazines etc. you should also purchase a good dictionary and should make a habit to learn new word. English can be easily improved with a little bit of efforts and will power. Attempt practice sets regularly and work on your weaknesses. You can ask us if you face any difficulty in preparing for this section.


  1. wonderful post.Never knew this, regards for letting me know.
    My Bolg :

  2. hi admin…..i m gud in math and reasoning…..i can secure above 45 marks in both section…..but when i came on gs and english…..its like horror to me…..i hardly got 15 marks in eng…..plz help me…..wat to do……now…..

    • roy kapoor says:

      hi. i am bad in all section so santosh can you guide me how i can improve myself in maths and reasoning and which book you suggest to me.

      • Administrator says:

        first you should purchase the books which I have suggested and try to finish the books in one month period to learn all the concepts

  3. surendra singh says:

    hi admin…..i m gud in math and reasoning…..but i worry about for english…..I cannt solve english. So plz help me…..wat to do……now…..

  4. manish singh says:

    Dear admin, kindly suggest me book for mathematics for banking

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