Bank PO Books for Quantitative Section

In Bank PO Exam, Quantitative Aptitude section is another important section. In this section if you can prepare well you are bound to score very high marks, if your concepts are clear you can easily attempt questions quickly. Level of questions is not very tough and generally questions are of 10th standard. For better preparation of this section we are suggesting you a few good books.

  • Quicker Maths, By: M.Tyra, Price: Rs. 280/-  (BSC Publications)
  • ARITHMETIC FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMINATIONS, By: Dr.R.S.Aggarwal, Price: Rs 275 (S ChandPublication)

Contents of these books: 1. Number Series 2. H.C.F & L.C.M 3. Decimal Fractions 4. Simplification 5. Square Roots & Cube Roots 6. Average 7. Problems on Numbers 8. Problems on Ages 9. Surds & Indices 10. Percentage 11. Profit & Loss 12. Ratio & Proportion 13. Partnership 14. Chain Rule (Compound Proportion) 15. Time & Work 16. Pipes and Cistern 17. Time & Distance 18. Problems on Trains 19. Boats and Stream 20. Alligation or Mixture 21. Simple Interest 22. Compound Interest 23. Area 24. Volume and Surface Area 25. Polygons 26. True Discount 27. Banker’s Dicount 28. Stocks & Shares 29. Calendar 30. Clocks 31. Races and Games of Skill 32. Tabulation 33. Pie-Chart 34. Line Graphs 35. Bar-Diagrams

These two books are sufficient to learn the concepts, you also need to attempt practice sets along with previous year papers. You can also refer to high school books for practice & concepts purposes. You can easily win over this section of Bank PO if you can increase your calculation skills and ability to solve questions in your mind itself. You should first try to understand the concepts and while practicing you should try to solve questions in your mind, this will increase your calculation power and you can be able to solve this section quickly during your exam.

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