SBI Clerk Reasoning Section – How to Prepare

Learn How to Prepare for SBI Clerk Reasoning Section and also know about important books, syllabus, time management, study plan, tips and study plan for the reasoning section.

In this article I will discuss about all these important aspects of SBI Clerk Reasoning Section. In the earlier posts and articles I have told you about SBI Clerk Exam New Pattern, SBI Clerk Syllabus and I have also told you detailed syllabus and study plan for the English section of SBI Clerk.

Today I will give you a detailed insight on the reasoning section. In the preliminary examination there will be 35 questions of 35 marks. There will also be provision of negative marking of 0.25 marks for every incorrect answer.

sbi clerk reasoning section syllabus

sbi clerk reasoning section syllabus

Reasoning section in Bank Exams is considered as the most crucial section. Most of the students find this section difficult to score. In my view in bank exams those who can perform well in this section will have a great chance of selection. The reason is simple, as most of the students consider this section as difficult, they do not prepare well. But the fact of the matter is that those who are ready to take challenge score very well in this section.

Since this entire section is based on certain concepts therefore if you learn the concepts well you will do well. Let us now first discuss about the syllabus of this SBI Clerk Reasoning Section:-

Normally questions are asked from the topics such as relationship based reasoning, statement based, seating arrangement, analogy, decision making, similarities and differences, number series, calculation based reasoning, problem solving, decision making, syllogism questions, judgment, coding decoding, classification, non verbal reasoning, age based questions, direction based questions, logical questions etc.

Broadly questions are asked from these topics. There may be some new questions or pattern also.

Although there is no set pattern of solving of reasoning questions as students may have different ways of solving reasoning questions. Few tips I would like to give. Syllogism questions should be solved using venn diagrams. This method will not only give you 100% accuracy but you will also able to solve the question quickly. Relationship reasoning questions should be solved by preparing relationship chart. Direction based questions should be solved using direction chart. All number series questions are based on pattern. Therefore you should try to find out the pattern quickly. Most of the other questions will require logical thinking. Non verbal questions can be solved through good observation and thinking.

Time Management during the Exam: As you will have only 60 minutes time in preliminary examination. Therefore in my view you should allocate your time like this, English – 15 minutes, Numerical Ability – 20 minutes and Reasoning – 25 minutes.

However this is my personal view. If you want to allocate time differently you may go for that. But please do some time management planning otherwise 60 minutes will finish in no time.

How to increase speed for SBI Clerk Reasoning Section: Speed and accuracy are the key for this section. But to achieve that you need to devote some time to learn the concepts. You will also need to practice on a daily basis from the previous papers as well as from mock tests.

SBI Clerk Reasoning Section – Study Plan

This section requires lot of efforts and practice. With efforts and regular studies you can master this section. But let me tell you frankly that you should not adopt shortcut for success. Make full and sincere efforts and you will see how easy it is to master this section or any other section. Let us now make a study plan for SBI Clerk Exam Reasoning Section.

  • Prepare each and every topic of syllabus. There are not many topics. Some of them are very easy also and may not require any preparation.
  • Study from quality books only, poor books will waste your time and spoil your preparation.
  • Initially try to learn the concepts and then practice from previous papers and mock test.
  • Daily give 2 hours for preparation of this section.
  • Analyze questions which you could not solve and learn them so that you can do them correctly, next time.
  • Do not waste your time. Competition is tough, the more you work hard, the better chance you will have. Do meaningful things; it will give you energy and confidence which helps in your preparation.
  • Once you have decided to appear in any competitive exam, give your 100%.

As I have told you that poor quality books will spoil your preparation. Therefore select good books only. Some of the very good books for reasoning section of Bank Exams I have mentioned below. If you wish you can purchase the books directly from Amazon by clicking the links given of each book. You can also study from other quality books for reasoning.

A new approach Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning

Publication: Arihant

Author: BS Sijwali

A Modern Approach to Verbal and Nonverbal Reasoning

Publication: S Chand

Author: R S Agarwal

Analytical Reasoning

Publication: Banking Service Chronicle

Author: M K Pandey

Hope you have liked this article. If you have any question on this section. Do post your comments and I will try to help you as much as I can. Prepare hard for your SBI Clerk Reasoning Section and do well.

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