Bank Clerk Salary – Perks, Pay Scale and Allowances

In this post I am going to provide you details of Bank Clerk Salary and Perks. The salary of bank clerks has revised in May 2015. The salary of Bank Clerk is now much attractive after the revision.

Bank Clerks now-a-days are earning decent salary after the wage revision. Initial salary of a Bank Clerk does not appear very attractive. However Bank Clerk Salary grows quite fast with a few years of service. The reasons for fast growth in salary are handsome increments and quarterly application of Dearness Allowances. Due to good increment amount and application of D.A. on a quarterly basis the salary of a Bank Clerk increases quite fast.

Now I am going to provide you details of Bank Clerk Salary, pay scale, perks, allowances and other benefits for which a Bank Clerk is entitled.

Bank Clerk Salary – Pay Scale

The pay scale for Bank Clerk in Public Sector Banks is as under:

Rs. 11765 – (655×3) – 13730 – (815×3) – 16175 – (980×4) – 20095 – (1145×7) – 28110 – (2120×1) – 30230 – (1310×1) – 31540

Explanation about the Pay Scale: the figures in the brackets indicate the annual increments. Rs. 11765 is the initial basic pay.

Dearness Allowance:

On the basic salary a Bank Clerk will also get Dearness allowance which is being implemented every quarter. The dearness allowance is currently 42%.

Special Allowance:

Special Allowance is 7.75 % for clerks. This has been added in the last wage revision. On this allowance D.A. is also payable.


HRA depends on the place of posting and centre category. It can be either 10% or 9% or 7.5% depending on the place of posting.

Total Salary of a Bank Clerk:

bank clerk salary

bank clerk salary

Therefore based on the above details we can calculate the total Bank Clerk Salary. The gross salary of Bank Clerk at a metro station will be around Rs.19000.00

Now-a-days Bank Clerks are also entitled for various perks such as News Paper Allowance, Petrol Allowance etc. However these perks differ from bank to bank.

Other Benefits:

Apart from the Salary and Perks a Bank Clerk is also entitled for benefits such as medical facility, concessional loans, LFC and HTC facility, PF and gratuity benefits etc.

Those who are career oriented can get promotion in to Officer Cadre and can give a big jump to their salary as well as perks. You can also check the detailed salary and perks of Officer here.

If you have any query about the Bank Clerk Salary you can submit your query by posting your comment below.

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