Bank Clerk Role

Job of a Bank Clerk is a normally a front office job. Most of the time bank clerks have to perform their duties on front counters and they are the people who are in direct contact with the customers. Bank Clerks have to work now-a-days as Single Window Operator where they extend all types of general banking services to the customer. A Single Window Operator means a window or a counter where all banking related services are being performed, such as account openings, cheque book issue, ATM card issue, DD issue & payment, FDR issue & payment, cash receipt & payment, passbook printing etc. Sometime Bank Clerks are also require to work on specialized counters only, such as Cash Counters, DD Counter, FDR Counters etc. It actually also depends on the type & size of the branch as it has been observed that in large branches Single Window Counters are not successful. However in any case, Bank Clerks need to perform on the front office counters and have to provide excellent customer service. Sometimes Bank Clerks are also posted in back offices such as in Administrative Offices, Regional Offices, Credit Cells, Clearing Houses etc. where they are not in direct contact with the customers.

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