Bank Clerk Role – Duties, Profile and Responsibilities

In this post I am going to explain you about the Bank Clerk role, duties, job profile and responsibilities. Bank clerk is one of the most popular career options for the students. Every year lacs of students appear in the bank clerk recruitment exams organised by IBPS and SBI.

For the benefit of my visitors I am explaining about Bank Clerk role and responsibilities. Bank clerk can be a very attractive career option provided the job is being done in a professional manner.

As far as job, role and responsibilities of a bank clerk are concerned here are the details. Job of a Bank Clerk is a normally a front office job. Most of the time bank clerks have to perform their duties on front counters and they are the people who are in direct contact with the customers. Bank Clerks have to work now-a-days as Single Window Operator where they extend all types of general banking services to the customer. A Single Window Operator means a window or a counter where all banking related services are being performed, such as account openings, cheque book issue, ATM card issue, DD issue & payment, FDR issue & payment, cash receipt & payment, passbook printing etc. Sometime Bank Clerks are also require to work on specialized counters only, such as Cash Counters, DD Counter, FDR Counters etc. It actually also depends on the type and size of the branch as it has been observed that in large branches Single Window Counters are not successful. However in any case, Bank Clerks need to perform on the front office counters and have to provide excellent customer service. Sometimes Bank Clerks are also posted in back offices such as in Administrative Offices, Regional Offices, Credit Cells, Clearing Houses etc. where they are not in direct contact with the customers.

Bank Clerk Role and responsibilities

Now a days banks such as State Bank of India are also utilizing the services of bank clerks or assistants for marketing. SBI is having various marketing outfits where clerks or assistants work as marketing professionals. Various other banks such as PNB, OBC, BoB etc are also sometimes utilizing the services of bank clerks in marketing. There are various opportunities available for bank clerks. They can also get promoted as Trainee Officer or normal officer if they wish and appear in promotion test and exams.

bank clerk role

bank clerk role

Earlier bank clerk jobs were strictly 10 to 5 type of jobs. However with the growing work and pressure in the banks now bank clerks also have to work even beyond working hours. However if we compare bank clerk role with that of bank officer we will find that bank clerk jobs are much more comfortable than that of officers. But at the same time officers enjoy much better salary and perks also.

Therefore if you are preparing for bank exams you have to take a decision that what kind of career you are looking for. If you are looking for a stable and comfortable job with less work pressure then bank clerk job will suit you. However if you are looking for a challenging career, higher salary and fast career growth then you should go for Bank Probationary Officer only.

Bank Clerk Career

Bank Clerk Salary

Bank Clerk Study Material

It does not mean that bank clerk jobs are inferior to Bank PO. What I mean to say here that in bank clerk jobs there may be lot of work but pressure is less as most of the decision making lies with officer. Now-a-days bank officers are under tremendous pressure due to huge expectations from the top management. However since bank clerk jobs do not involve much of a decision making hence pressure is less. Further, bank clerks are not much involved in the direct interaction with the top management and various meetings. Whereas for officers performance is being reviewed on a monthly basis and there are direct communication with senior and to management.

bank clerk job profile

bank clerk job profile

As I told you that there are pro and cons of both bank clerk as well as bank PO jobs. Bank clerk role is actually well defined and they are responsible for their seat work however officers are responsible for virtually everything and can be assigned any job on a short notice.

In the last,one more thing I would like to tell you that the Bank Clerk Role also varies from bank to bank also. There are a few banks in which there is lot of work pressure and those banks are very aggressive also. Banks such as SBI, PNB, BoB etc. are very aggressive and there is lot of work in these banks due to a very large customer base. However there are a few banks such as Indian Overseas Bank, Punjab and Sind Bank, United Bank etc. where the work pressure is less. Hence in such banks pressure is also less on staff.

Whatever I have told you so far is based on my experience and observations, however there are no set rules for anything. While choosing a career option you should also look in to various other factors which may vary from person to person. However in the end I would say that both bank clerk and Bank PO career are quite attractive option for the aspirants.

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