Bank Clerk Career – Career Path, Growth and Prospects

In this post I am going to tell you about Bank Clerk Career and the growth opportunities available to a Bank Clerk. Many of my students often ask me whether they should prepare for Bank PO or Bank Clerk.

I would like to tell you that both Bank Clerk and Bank PO are entry level jobs in Public Sector Banks. As a PO or Probationary Officer one can get direct entry as an Officer in a Bank. Whereas, clerk jobs, give you entry into clerical cadre.

Now coming back to the question whether one should prepare for Bank PO or Bank Clerk? I would like to tell that although PO job is better than the clerk as far as monetary benefits and position are concerned but at the same time Bank Clerk Career in banks is also very good. Whether you should prepare for Bank PO or Bank Clerk is individual choice, but it should be based on the analysis that as a student what is your level or the level of preparation you can do.

The competition in Probationary Examination is much higher in comparison to that of a Bank Clerks. The question paper of Probationary Officer is also tough in comparison to Clerk. Therefore if you are ready for bigger challenges you may opt for Bank PO. However, if you decide for Bank Clerk, there is nothing wrong in that also. Although the standard of the question paper of Bank PO is high at the same time it is also true that the students appearing in PO exam are well prepared hence competition is tough. In clerk exams although question paper is simple but since merit remains very high beacuse of easy paper hence to get the final selection one has to score very high marks. So both exams have different nature of competition and you have to judge which will suit to you. Many students also prepare for both the exams simultaneously. I too used to prepare for exams such as SSC, Bank PO, Bank Clerk and other exams simultaneously but you have to make adjustments as per the exam and will have to work more.

Bank Clerk Career Prospects

Now I am going to tell you about Bank Clerk Career and opportunities available for bank clerk in a Bank.

A Bank Clerk can also have a very good career progression provided he or she is having right approach towards the work and willingness to rise. Now-a-days even clerks have a very fast promotion channels.

bank clerk career

bank clerk career

A bank clerk normally has to work on front counters and is responsible for day to day work. As far as career of a Bank Clerk is concerned even a bank clerk can quickly become an Officer and can become entitled for the salary and perks which are being enjoyed by the Officers. Now-a-days promotion channels are quite fast and newly recruited clerks are becoming officer in 3-4 years time. I have seen many clerks who become officers and they are much younger than the Probationary Officers.  Once they become Trainee Officer they are as good as Probationary Officer.

However many young clerks feel that it is better to continue as a clerk only. The reason is that in banks there are lot of responsibilities and challenges for officers. Officers have to work late night and sometimes even on holidays. Whereas, in clerical cadre one can work for regulated hours. Further, officers are being transferred every 2-3 years whereas for clerk, transfers are quite rare.

So there are pro and cons in a Bank Clerk Career but in my view if you are preparing for Bank Clerk Exam and once you join a bank , your aim should be to be ready for challenges and you should try your best to rise to higher levels and should make full use of bank’s faster promotion channels.

The basic difference between a Bank PO Career and Bank Clerk Career can be summed up as under:-

  • A Bank PO gets much higher salary and perks as compared to a Bank Clerk.
  • The responsibilities and pressure on Officer is much more as compared to a Bank Clerk.
  • A Bank PO can get very fast promotions and can rise to higher levels in hierarchy whereas in clerical cadre opportunities for higher promotions are less. Only after becoming officer you can expect faster promotions.
  • A Bank PO is exposed to various trainings and transfers are also frequent whereas for a clerk frequency of trainings as well as transfers are less.
  • A Bank PO enjoys high reputation in the society as job of Bank Officer is considered as a very prestigious job in the society.
  • A Bank PO of Bank Officer also gets the opportunities for foreign postings whereas in clerical cadre there are no such opportunities.

so these are the some of the obvious differences which I could make out. If you can also contribute and can tell more on it you are most welcome. You can posts your comments on it.

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